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  Heat/Energy Meters
Metron heat meters totalise the consumption of energy in heating and cooling systems where water is the medium. Metron heat meters consist of a LQMIII energy integrator, flow/ return sensors and a flow transducer.

The calibrated PT500 sensors determine the flow and return temperatures, while the
flow transducer registers and transmits water volume, this data is calculated into kwh
energy consumption by the LQMIII integrator.


• Suitable for constant and variable temperature circuits
• Energy consumption calculated as Kwh/Mwh
• Self calibrating
• Volt free pulse output as standard
• Displays flow and return temperatures
• Non volatile memory organised to real time calender
• PT500 Sensors supplied with 1/2” BSP pockets 3mtr length
• MID/EN1434 Parts 1 to 6
• RHI Compliant

MKCET Heat Meters Suitable for chilled water
circuits 30°C MID EN1434 RHI Compliant

Technical data download
  Technical Data Download
MKLET Heat Meters Suitable for LTHW
circuits 95°C MID/EN1434 RHI Compliant

Technical data download
  Technical Data Download
MKHET (120°C) & MKHHT (130°C)Heat Meters
Suitable for MTHW circuits MID/EN1434 RHI Compliant

Volt free pulse output fitted as standard
to facilitate BMS interface

Tecnical data download
  Technical Data Download

MK-ELF Heat Meters MID/EN1434 RHI Compliant

The ELF is a precise reliable high class heat meter, suitable for multiple heat metering applications, a wide range of communication interfaces are available including Mbus, Pulse and Wireless.

Tecnical data download
  Technical Data Download
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